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Sunday, 18 December 2011

What is Duplicate Content?

Repeat is a topic, articles, matter is seen on the Web in more than one place (URL). It is a problem when more than one piece of the same content on the Web, it is difficult for the look for applications to decide which edition is more appropriate to a particular look for question. To provide the best look for practical knowledge, the look for applications will seldom display several, duplicate bits of content and therefore are required to decide which edition is likely to be the exclusive (or best).

Duplicate articles generally represents purposeful hinders of articles within or across any of the job areas that exactly go with or other articles amazingly similar. Mostly, this is not inaccurate in source. Illustrations can be dangerous to non-duplicate articles as follows:

• Conversation community message boards that can produce both frequent and stripped-down websites focused at mobile devices
• Store items proven or attached via several specific URLs
• Printer-only variations of web pages
If your web page contains several websites with similar articles to a large level, and there are different ways that can talk about the URL that you want for Google. (This is known as “canonicalization”.)

Well in some cases internet marketers intentionally duplicate the articles at different website names to control the the look for applications or to appeal to more traffic. Deceptive methods like this outcomes inadequate buyer, where readers can see considerably recurring on the same outcomes within a set of the look for applications look for.

Google tried hard to catalog and display websites with particular information. This blocking means, for example, if your web page has a “regular” and “printer” edition of each area, and these were not clogged by noindex meta tag, Google will select one to list. For Google duplicate articles is a attempt which is done with the objective to control their ratings and deceive their customers, Google will also make appropriate improvements in the listing and position of the websites. Consequently web page may be purged out of the position outcomes web page looses all its awareness from Google.

There are some actions you should take to save your web page to being banned by Google. Also the following actions may also help your web page to restore seo.

SEO Best Practice

1)301 Redirect

The best way to deal with the duplicate articles issue is to set 301 route from duplicate web page to the exclusive one. As I said above Google will never display the several outcome of the same website names so if you think that your several websites have a potential to list than 301 route is the best choice to incorporate them into dingle web page, the best advantage of doing this is that they will no longer contend each other, but will set up a more powerful relevance and reputation alerts. This helps your web page to gain Google and other seo confidence and outcomes a increase in seo.

2) Rel=”canonical”

If you have several websites with duplicate articles, you can tell seo which web page you want to get explored by Search applications. This is known as “canonicalization”. If seo wants that your known canonical web page is the best and exclusive one it will display that recommended web page in its outcome.
You have to add a bit value into the head area of the similar (non-canonical) websites. To tell the look for applications your known choice.

<link rel=”canonical” href=””/>

Naturally, you should change the with your actual website and submit name.

3) Be consistent:
Try to keep your inner backlinks frequent. For example, never weblink to

http://www example com/page/
http://www example com/page
http://www example com/page/index.htm.

4) Use most appropriate website names.(Top stage Domains)

If you are directed at the web page for particular location than I individually suggest you to use top stage website. As once Google had declared that website names with nation prefix would more likely to list fast as evaluate to .com when directed at particular location.

Google feels http://www contains more UK-focused articles, as evaluate to
than http://www example com/uk or http://uk example com.

5) Affiliate carefully:

If you Affiliate your articles on other websites, Search applications will always display the outcome which they think is most perfect one for their customers for particular look for, some times the look for applications will not display the outcome which you are anticipating. So it would be more good for you that all the websites associated with you and your articles should have a weblink again to exclusive article. And if anybody is using your articles than you can also ask them to use noindex meta tag to avoid the look for applications from listing a replica edition of the articles.

6) Use Web marketer Instrument to set various URL factors.

You can tell Google how you want them to catalog your web page as Google webmaster Resources allow us to select the recommended website names for our web page and allow establishing for various URL factors.

(for example, http://www.example. com or

The only drawback is just that this approach will only work for Google shifting in the establishing of webmaster tools will not impacts anything in ask, google and other the look for applications. Actually it is a down side of other the look for applications.

7) Avoid generating similar articles.

If your site site or web page have many websites that contain similar articles than I must say you should settle those websites into one. For example if you have a travel web page which distinguishes places with different websites and contains similar articles to socialize with customers, In that case you should change the articles of the websites or mix them into the single web page. This will help the look for applications to give more correct outcomes of your web page.


Google never suggests preventing crawler access to duplicate articles for any web page. Google indicates that creating a clean and more completely exclusive articles is much more beneficial and intelligent choice instead of preventing a replica websites. And if creating a new articles is not possible than Google indicates us to use the rel=”canonical” weblink factor, the URL parameter managing resource, or 301 markets. Google also tell customers to adapt the examine rate establishing in webmaster tools if the duplicate articles of your web page challenges Google to examine your web page again and again.

Duplicate Content content on a web page is not the reason to follow the above actions the above actions should be followed if you want Google and other the look for applications display your preferred or estimated outcomes of your web page. If your web page contains Repeat articles and you are not doing any thing about it than it would damage your web page as the look for applications will keep working to do their best for selecting more and more appropriate outcomes for their customers and it is possible that your web page will reduce all the awareness from the look for applications.

Author: Pratik Bhatt
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Monday, 5 December 2011

Bing Ranking Factors


Bing is one of the best and popular web search engines, which is very helpful for the people in order to search appropriate things, products or any kind of information which they want. Website owner only just want high ranking on the major search engines. You can achieve better ranking of your website on one of the most identified search engines, BING. So, if you want to achieve good ranking on BING then this article is very helpful for you. There are many professionals that go through intelligent tests, different search queries and result analysis, just to understand its SEO mechanism.

Most of people are thinking that Bing is highly advanced version of live search while some thinks that it is a superior search engine of new generation. The fact is you can hardly see any leading agreement in the SEO organization about the particulars of its algorithm. So, if you are thinking to start your new online business then remember that your competition is very tough as number of population on the World Wide Web are competing for first position.
Ranking of the website is much important. So, different types of SEO service are to be adopted for your websites. With the help of these services, you can get huge number of traffic as a result your sales will be increased. With this, you can indicate that how many are funneled into your website by keywords or backlinks. If you are getting enough traffic then you will automatically get indexed by search engines like as Bing. So, now note the factors that are affecting to your website, product or blog site.
Ranking Factors are to be divided into two parts, i.e. Primary Ranking Factors and Secondary Ranking Factors. Various Ranking Factors are described below:
  • It is compulsory for your website to collect the quantity of anchor text as it is the most than quantity of quality inbound links for the BING. So, it is best for your website to catch the quality anchor text as much as you can.
  • Give proper impact to the on-page factors such as page titles, text-heavy pages, outbound links, etc. as it is helpful for rising rank.
  • If you r site is authorized from authoritative organizations then it will strongly affect to the search engine, Bing. Old website plays an important role in getting search engine’s ranking mechanism.
  • Bing is highly supportable with flash so, for website that relied on flash can enjoy high ranking as well.
All above are the primary factors that will affect high ranking. You can also find secondary factors that affect also give good effect to ranking.
  • If you are comparing outcomes of first 10 results in Bing and in Google, you will see that the toper of the Bing has less backlinks. With this, we can imagine that no-follow links doesn’t matter in this.
  • Here, Page rank is not as much important. You will see a duo of PR2 or even PR1 sites in the top most SERPs in Google, but this is not as important in Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.
  • Fresh Content of your website after some period of time doesn’t give much impact to the ranking of your website. Bing is totally depending on the age of the domain.
So, after going through such factors one can conclude that domain age will be determined the ranking of the Bing. Aside to that some things such as page titles, text-heavy pages, and outbound links also plays an important role in achieving ranking.
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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Estimation: SERP Bounce a Ranking Signal or a Quality Factor for SEO?


There is long discussion or we can say debate on the SEO factors and its tactic methods. Today my opinion is on whether website bounce rate is ranking or quality factors measurement for search engine results. My fact say’s Google does not have any measurement rector scale to track any bounce rate through its Google analytics, toolbar and free wifi. Considering it as the universal ranking signals would be nothing but spy. Google officially has no right to spy on any user internal data world websites, even if everyone allows. SEO now a day’s has been became the major soul to reach to the top position in search engines. While going further to talk about bounce rate and SEO, I have heard from few personality talking and discussion about the SERP bounce rate as the SEO factor. From my side its not possible to reference whether SERP bounce rate is influential SEO factor more to my areas info, Google have never confirmed it. Google use it as quality factors or ranking signals. The Google always has ability to tract the user behavior and taste.

We can make it confirm from Google new launching of “Block all Site Result” which is available when people logged in and make a SERP Bounce. Official Google Blog post makes it clear that SERP Bounce is now a SEO Factor.

Major One! What is SERP Bounce?

SERP Bounce in simple language could be figured as incident where people bounce back from website to the Google search result. Google than indentifies and watched like watch dog that whether you came to the search result page. When people open multiple tab and close vise a versa its will count in SERP Bounce.

Coming to Opinion One! SERP Bounce a Ranking Signal or a Quality Factor for SEO?

Years ago I knew with as per my knowledge Google launched WIKI search many professional took it as the important ranking factor but later whole idea and their launches seem to proved as spam identification method for Google spam team. The Recent feature “Block all site results” of Google if for tracking spammy pages and to pinch their Algorithm.

According to Official Saying Google:
“We’re adding this feature because we believe giving you control over the results you find will provide an even more personalized and enjoyable experience on Google. In addition, while we’re not currently using the domains people block as a signal in ranking, we’ll look at the data and see whether it would be useful as we continue to evaluate and improve our search results in the future.”

Following statement proves that SERP Bounce is not ranking signals signal its SEO Factor to track spam as well as indentify quality and specific domain.

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Social Media Usage to Get Lead of Search Demand


I had the few ideas about using the data base sources generally outer than those the search engine provide the sense that what people are looking to get their needs get fulfilled. People usually getting the new invention in their mind making new things hit the deck to earn. Keywords search also gets increased with the taste & preference charges in human mind.

Connection Flanked in Social Media & Search Volume:   
The problem with search engine keywords tool is that its lags time in data. The web is real time channel in order to capitalize upon that you need to be able to influence any advantage you can in order to get ahead of the search demand. Google Trends accord you abstracts data if there is huge breakouts on keywords on accepted events that’s also in 3 day delays with Google insight and Adwords gives account members.  There is often a strong correlation between the number of people who talk about a subject or keyword in the Social media and the amount of search volume they earn.
The Social Media impacts have really changed the background for the search engine. Keywords normally could be targeted could be measured with the day to day details in insight, twitter, N-grams, Klout Score. So the sources for reaching the people through the Social Media makes the Business people reach faster to people doorstep with their services. This process is not only to identify the key words in small groups that still do not see the Google Insights, but also to identify the keywords with the volume of research they are about power. Therefore, you need to check the search engine tools to see if the volume of research to set priorities for the opportunities. Klout calculation is completely arbitrary, but want to know that people are tweeting keywords are sort of effect. If you find that a given n-gram has been used many times the number of spam Twitter accounts, then, that the N-gram is completely useless. Also, if you create content around the word, you know exactly who to send.
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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Osama Vs Travel The Post 9/11 attacks on Travel Infographic

The 9/11 attacks have had a long lasting effect, particularly on travel. 

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